Honest, capable people who provide fast, honest service, Gil and his staff have been the only ones to “pull wrenches” on my trucks for near 20 years. They stand by their work and only do what is required. Many times I have been pleasantly surprised by a call from Gil to find that little or no work was required. He has squeezed me in on short notice and took the job done!!! I HIGHLY recommend Arena Auto to all!!!

Dave Lagadyn

When I was a youngster my father owned and operated a service station named Arena Auto. Because my dad was in the automotive industry I also obtained my automotive mechanics license. When I was apprenticing, my dad’s head mechanic was a fellow by the name of Bob Carriere. Eventually Bob, who was both a heavy duty and automotive mechanic purchased and operated Arena Auto. Bob’s son Gilbert (Gil) Carrier obtained his automotive mechanics license and eventually took over the Arena Auto name from his dad. Arena Auto has a long history of being an excellent family owned and operated automotive repair facility.

I’ve been having my vehicles serviced and repaired at Arena Auto for over 40 years. I have found the current owner Gil (like his father before him) to be an above average mechanic who is mechanically familiar with all brands of vehicles. Gil and/or his staff are able to explain all requirements in ordinary layman English so I know what is being done and why. I trust Gil explicitly and enjoy dealing with a family owned hands-on repair facility where my business is valued. At Arena I am a real person who is treated with courtesy and respect not just a work order number with dollar signs behind it. Over the years I have recommended Arena Auto to many people who have thanked me for doing so.

A very satisfied

Jim Whitnack

I have been dealing with Arena Auto for over 30 years. First with Mr. Carriere (Bob) and now with Gil. Gil learned from his dad to do repairs and regular maintenance of all vehicles “right the first time”. Arena Auto takes the time to do explain any needed repairs and will only do the work that their customer’s vehicles require. The company I work at is near Arena Auto and we have several staff members that also get their vehicle serviced by Gil and his team at Arena Auto. When anyone I know is looking for a place to get their vehicle serviced, I highly recommend Arena Auto.


I just wanted to send you a short email to thank you for the honesty, integrity and competency of your shop. Over the past few years we have been so pleased to be able to get our Land Rover and BMWs serviced by you. In addition, everyone that I have referred to you has also thanked me for the recommendation.


Barry Kowalchuk